My current practice explores themes of time and space, and avenues in situating one’s self within those parameters. How do we relate to time, and how do archiving practices partake in notions of belonging.

Collages combine family photos with ones found in carboot sales and shops as well as photographs seen in archives. Specifically, recent work includes archival photos of Cyprus and my hometown, Nicosia,

in the 40s -50s; exploring the colonial gaze within photography and how there is a sense of romanticising the colonial past.

My collages incorporate screenshots from phone photo folders and process stills from software such as Photoshop, commenting on how the manipulation of images adds to the narratives photographs form and represent.What does the backdrop indicate and how can its placing and content or lack of content mean for the subject of a photograph? Merging material from archives, digital and analog found images, I work by layering through collage, printmaking, paper models and photographic still life work, while aiming to create a dialogue around performativity and the experience of space and time.

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