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Tactile Conversations


The project Tactile Conversations takes the form of still life photography, presented in a book alongside short essays and narrated through a discussion I had with Danish weaver Pia Jensen, in Copenhagen, in February 2017.


In the three sculptures, windows act as a visual metaphor for access to memory and personal experience. In memory things fade or become blurry and different elements come into focus or to the foreground, depending on the different associations triggered. Certain things seem intense when remembered seeming therefore incredibly real. 

Each of the sculptures is dedicated or is a representation of a woman and her memories.

The yellow installation represents my Grandma, Eleni who lives in Cyprus and the memory of her aunt and the doily she gifted her, which is part of the installation. 

The green installation represents Pia Jensen, a weaver leaving in Copenhagen. Pia talked about her memory of a Syrian woman and the raw silk she gave her was used to create her own scarves. Some of Pia’s weaving samples are included in the installation. 

The red and final installation is a representation of my own memory of myself, a reminder of the importance of memory in our sense of self, including different visual symbols such as embroidery I created.

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