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Collage Workshop with Candid Arts Trust

I am excited to be running an Online Collage Workshop, in collaboration with Candid Arts Trust in London. During the workshop we explore how to create a layered collage, inspired by Paper Theatres or Toy Theatres as well as dioramas; all themes that I have been exploring in my artistic practice.

Date and time: Thursday the 12th of August, 7 pm

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: £10

Materials needed: Paper, scissors, glue-stick, magazines to cut (newspapers and coloured scrap paper can also be useful)

Get tickets here:

"This online workshop will explore collage-making inspired by paper theatres and

dioramas, using magazine off-cuts and coloured paper.

Inspired by dioramas (layered 3 dimensional scenes) and Paper theatres (layered paper

models that looked liked theatres and were used for puppetry-style performances in the19th century in Europe) we will create a flattened, two-dimensional layered scene.

For adults/ All levels"


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