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Printmaking residency in Barcelona

During the last week of July I had the opportunity to spend a week in Barcelona, doing a Printmaking Residency at La Maldita Estampa. This was a great chance to focus on Screen printing, as well as to start seeing some of my photographic images in Photographic Screen printing form.

The images I used for printing were from a 3d collage shoot, and were printed in B&W. The source image for the collage included an archival photograph from Cyprus during the time when it was a British colony and taken by the British. It depicted three TS girls outside their school (seen in photo above). The collage also included offcuts from magazines and found images.

After printing the two photographs in monochrome screen printing, I then experimented with creating an additional layer, by making a stencil that gave a new shape/ silhouette- something that I use quite a lot in my work.

The silhouette was drawn from the original archival photograph of the girls posing in front of their school. The result of layering a solid colour underneath or above the B&W mesh image was interesting and something I’d like to experiment more with in the future.

I also got to try other screen printing techniques such as mono-printing with regular screen printing inks and watercolour. A big thank you to La Maldita Estampa for all the technical support, encouragement with experimentation and all-together a great experience! The trip was overall a great chance to explore Barcelona and the local art scene, and to get to make and be inspired in a new environment, while meeting and working alongside other printmakers.


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