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'Seeking Roots' Group Show at NiMac

This month I am very excited to be participating in the group show Seeking Roots, among some amazing artists, exploring themes of identity and ‘Cypriotness’. The exhibition is curated by Ioulita Toumazi and takes place at NiMac (Nicosia Municipal Arts Center).

‘The exhibition Seeking Roots brings together eighteen artists, born in the 1990’s, who delve into the concept of identity formation, amidst an identity crisis prevalent in Cyprus and worldwide. The artists, who were selected after an open call, question amongst other issues, the role of cultural roots, tradition and heritage in developing/performing an identity, the way language constructs one’s subjecthood, and the extent to which “Cypriotness”, or belonging to a cultural/national identity, affects our self-perception.' Text from NiMac Website

Artists: Panayiotis Andreou, Eleni Chandriotou, Natasa Charalambous, Ed Compson, Serena Maria Dicks, Lizzy Ioannidou, Christiana Ioannou, Nefeli Kentoni, Eleni Kindini, Alexandra Krstic, Dize Kükrer, Marietta Mavrokordatou, Eleni Odysseos, Katerina Paisi, Nicoleta Papaxenophontos, Despina Petridou, Ioanna Sinclair, Konstantina Skalionta.

Duration: 2 – 27 March 2021

(Extended until the 24th of April)

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am-9pm


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