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Set design for Livia Rita's Magic Fish

' Livia Rita is an emerging singer, designer, alpine witch, climate activist, choreographer, film maker and visual artist with an inexhaustible devotion to a progressive way of thinking, based between the Alps and London. Their mystic eco-pop melodies have expanded into the bountiful conceptual debut album -- FUGA FUTURA – a place of healing and fantasy, where nature rebels and magic abounds all in an attempt to unite otherworldly revolutionaries. ' (, 2022)

Back in 2018 I had the pleasure of being involved with a project, and work with Livia and a great team of creatives. Together with Livia's direction, and later help from Matilda Eldon McCaig and Kathryn Edwards, I worked in designing and painting a backdrop/ set for the performance of Magic Fish at GROW Hackney, as well as the filming of the video for the song.

It was great seeing Livia's vision come to life, and to meet and work with so many talented creatives.

(Full list of credits : )

As the video is now out (!), I thought I would share some images from the making and behind the scenes.

The initial part of the process included having meetings with Livia and discussing her vision and inspiration from piano keys, and the surreal pattern effect for the backdrop. I started sketching out different ideas, thinking about the GROW Hackney's stage, and the corner, floor and stairs that would be part of the stage.

Also thinking about potential materials at this point, we decided that big rolls of paper that could be painted on would be a good option.

I then made little spatial models, thinking about how the base of the pattern would be distributed onto the surface, and how the different large pieces of paper had to be broken down, in order to be physically made and then installed onto the stage.

The big rolls of paper were then ready to be out. Working on the floor, I started carefully panting the base of the pattern, ensuring that the other parts of the backdrop would then match with the main piece. Working in this scale was challenging and exciting. I couldn't have completed the design with the full development of the pattern (see below) without the contributions of Matilda Eldon McCaig and Kathryn Edwards.

Now, some behind the scenes photos from the video filming process:

( Photography by Claudia Gschwend )

Thank you Livia, and team for letting me part of this project!


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